Photo Essentials - Andy Astfalck

"You will miss your best photos if you don't know how to use your camera properly!"

Course 1. Photo Essentials:

Getting to know your Camera, Learn Exposure & Composition, and Editing your Photos.

7x3 hour sessions.


This course is about getting to know how to use all the dials, menus and settings on your camera, learn about your lens so you control the outcome of your photography.

Learn techniques that will help you create more interesting photos. We start each session with some theory, then we go out on photo walks to practice the new techniques.

You'll discover how to take better landscapes, portraits and still life photos.

You'll  be introduced to a photo editing software called Adobe Lightroom, and learn how to edit your images like a Pro.

Learn how to create photo books, how to prepare images for printing and how to upload images online.

What you will need:

A DSLR camera that has Manual, Aperture and Shutter Speed modes.

A Tripod

Adobe Lightroom

€320 (inclusive BTW)


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