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Photo School For Kids



Holiday Workshops

9-12 YEARS - 5x3hr Workshop 9am-12pm 22nd - 26th August

13-18 Years - 5x3hr Workshops 1pm-4pm 22nd - 26th August

If you would like to receive notice of when new classes are started email Andy and ask for Course Updates:

Holiday Programs are photography skills workshops for kids, tailored to two age groups 9 till 12 years and 13 till 18 years. The primary aim of the workshops is to develop an eye for photography and camera technique, each session starts with theory then we go out and put the theory into practice.

Cool. Epic. Rad. Awesome, that’s the type of reaction from kids we aim to hear. Photography School For Kids is the perfect school holiday program, your children will be engaged, interested and probably exhausted and the best thing about these workshops is that while they are developing skills and building confidence they’ll be having so much fun they won’t notice that they’re actually learning a lifelong skill.

LANGUAGE: Please Note, workshops are conducted in English

WHERE: Currently offered in Hilversum. 

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