Sports Photography Course - Andy Astfalck

Course 3. Sports and Action Photography

The Third course is an 7 session course designed both for the hobby photographer wanting to take great action photographs of their kids at their sport, or the photographer wanting to develop the skills necessary to shoot professional sport.

It is a practical focus course and takes place on 8 different indoor or outdoor sports fields of Hilversum. 

Each day starts with a theory session, we discuss the rules of the sport, the potential action each sport provides,  then we go out and shoot the sport.

We look at the equipment needs of a sports photographer, camera settings and composition techniques for capturing engaging images.

You will need:

A digital SLR camera, with Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Manual control

A lens with focal range of roughly 70-200mm

A Lens with focal range of roughly 24-70mm

Optional: Highly Recommended 300mm or 400mm Lens

A backpack for your camera gear,

A computer loaded with, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

€360 (inclusive BTW)

8 Weekend classes

Course 4. Professional Sports Photographer

For those interested in taking their photography further to the professional level there will be a follow-up course called Pro Sports Shooter.  

Primarily the course is focused on creating a strong portfolio of images necessary to for seeking work as a Professional Sports Photographer.

We also look at the credentials needed, we introduce the software sports photographers use to edit and caption images for news services. We shoot a different sport each week, you will be expected to shoot additional sport throughout the course.

We will start each session with a critique of the following week's images, to see where you will need improvement and assess what you're missing from your portfolio. 

Those who develop a good strong, impressive portfolio will be introduced to a Sports Press Image Agency.

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