Corporate Portraits

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  • Corporate Portraits

    Corporate Portraits

  • Corporate Portraits

    Corporate Portraits

At Andy Astfalck Photography you will love the professional friendly service, and stylish presentation. Andy's corporate portraits are a perfect mix of technical ability, artistic flair that suits the style of your business.

What To Expect.

Generally a portrait takes 30 to 45 minutes.  We understand that many people can be a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, and we will guide you  through the shoot to ensure everyone looks natural and relaxed. You will be photographed in a variety of styles ensuring you all look fantastic and have a wonderful selection to choose from.  We come to you to your location either indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. 

What included:

All prices exclude BTW

€120 per portrait.  

Once your shoot is completed, Andy will prepare your photos for viewing on your own unlisted web page ready for final selection. 5 photos will be edited and prepared for web or for printing.  

Printing and Mounting:

Photos are prepared for web use, we can also prepare the photos for printing.

There is an extensive range of options, we print on high quality paper and mount the photograph on including frames, canvas, acrylics and MDF, aluminium mounts. Only the very highest quality printing paper and mounting materials are used. Samples of finished product are available to view.

Prices differ depending on the size and material used to create your final image.

Usage, Copyright & Image Licensing

You are  to use your images for your companies website, press releases, and LinkedIn Profiles for an unlimited time, which means your photos are licensed for PR and Publicity purposes only.

We can negotiate a fee based on the how the shot will be used if it will be used for advertising, merchandising, product endorsements or if it is to be used third party.  

Please be aware that the photographer owns the rights to the photographs, the photos may be used as samples in his portfolio, they can not be sold onto a third party without your consent.

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