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Model Portfolio shoots for the established model who wants to add to her portfolio or for a model starting out and wants to get some great shots for her portfolio.

Studio or outdoor shoots are available with endless creative possibilities.

What do you need in your portfolio? It depends on the type of modelling you are aiming to do.  A head shot,  a full length fashion and casual shots, a photo with story telling or an editorial shot, a swimsuit or lingerie shot, a polaroid or natural no make up shot. Outside and inside shots. The aim is to present you in many different styles so you can present your portfolio and show an agency or client you at your best.

For each shoot we divide the shoot into 2 different styles, we could start inside for a studio theme,  then head outside for a forest or street shoot, 


Prices include BTW

1x 2 hour Shoot - €150 - 2 changes, 4 portfolio images

2x 2 hour Shoots - €290 - 4 changes, 9 images for your portfolio

3x 2 hour Shoots - €400 - 6 themes, 14 images for your portfolio

Optional Extras:

Make Up and Hair Artist

Clothing Stylist.

Usage, Copyright & Image Licensing

You are free to use your images to promote yourself as a model.  You can print them, post them on your website, and send them to your agent or modeling agency. You can use them to represent yourself if you are interviewed in a magazine or editorial.  This means the photos are licensed for PR and Publicity purposes only.

We can negotiate a fee based on the how the shot will be used if it will be used for advertising, merchandising, product endorsements, tv or movie posters, or if it is to be used third party.

Please be aware that the photographer owns the rights to the photographs, the photos may be used as samples in his portfolio, they can not be sold onto a third party without your consent.

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