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Runner and Cyclists Wanted

Runners and Cyclists are needed for free photoshoots. You receive the photos free of charge.

Who:  I am particularly looking for the following:

1. MTB

2. Mum/Dads who run with their kids

3. 65+ who run or cycle

What will you do with the Images?    

1. The images will be placed for sale on my website as stock images for magazines.

2. The images will be uploaded to the Getty Images stock image collection. 

Please NOTE! a Model Release form must be signed!

Before the shoot, we will discuss where you'll be running, what you'll need to wear, how far and how long you can run. 

I'll send you the Model Release Form that you'll need to print, fill out, sign and bring with you to the shoot.  

If you are a sponsored athlete, please be aware that all logos will be removed from the images, this is required for all Stock Images uploaded to Getty Images.

 I am easy going and make sure that you enjoy the experience.  The best part is you will get a series of beautiful images usually 1-2 weeks after your shoot. The images are for you 'personal use', you can post them on Facebook Instagram or on your website.

Important Note! Personal Use only,  images cannot be passed onto your sponsors or any other third party.

You may decide that you want the beautiful images all to yourself*,  and you don't want the images to be made public, this is perfectly fine, all the retouched images are yours and all you have to do is pay a session fee of €350(btw inclusive)

*Personal Use Only!

If this sounds fun, and you would like to take part, please will you fill out the sign-up form.  

Please Note!  I do get a lot of requests, and it's weather dependent, so I don't get around to shooting everybody. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Andy Astfalck

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